Kitchen Solutions

Okay guys and gals, thank you to those who participated in developing a solution to this common problem. After some thought, I have narrowed the possible solutions down to 3. They are as follows:

1- A dinner table with a small fridge built into the middle that houses commonly used, and often forgotten items, such as butter, salt and pepper, salad dressing, etc.

2- A serving platter that acts as a relationship building "board game." The platter, filled with delicious food, will remain locked until members of the family can answer questions about their family, provided by the game.

3- An electronic screen, with a built-in webcam, that attaches to the fridge. Although everyone has different schedules, they can record brief messages about their day onto the device. Others members of the family can then view the messages at a later time and keep up to date with everyone in the family.

Please review these solutions, and vote for your favorite! The solution with the most votes will get developed. Thanks!

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MH said...

I think they would all be cool and beneficial but i love #3 for its focus on everyones crazy schedules. It would be perfect for uniting family and how fun to check the cam when you get home!